About Us 

At MMC Salon1, we are a select professional crew, who takes great focus on how you look and feel when you leave Salon1; but most importantly, we care about how we proceed in making you beautiful and educating you about maintaining a healthy and lustrous head of hair.

Our products have a healthier level of ingredients than most "off-the-shelf " purchases and other salon's products; from the hair color and maintenance products to the hardware used in the finishing process.

Our professional grade hair irons and modular dryers are meticulously designed by the manufacture to maintain precise specifications and enhance performance...this translates to less time in the chair with superior results. Our hair dryers are ionic and lower in decibels (loudness/Volume); Ionic hair dryers "restructure" ion clusters by bathing the hair with negative ions, allowing water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair. As a result, hair is rehydrated and reconditioned with each use of an Ionic hair dryer. The decibels of our Ionic Dryers are typically rated, in most cases 15% - 20% less than other hairdryers used in competing salons. This is to aid in the prevention of hearing loss ... this is important to our professional staff... but more so for your health...our cherished client.